Pro-Site: Setting different quotas for each level.

I'm new to pro-site plugin and I've a few questions. I want to create a membership site where users will be able to register for a 14 day trial and after which they will be asked for payment. Now, I've introduced three paid pro site levels (i.e. membership plans) which can be named as (basic, professional, agency) very similar to this site:

Here, I've a few requirements which I can't seem to figure out:

1: I want to set a quota per user for number of post/page creation and number of image upload for EACH individual pro-site level differently. For example:

- Basic (10 Pages, 10 Posts, 100 Images)
- Professional (100 Pages, 100 Posts, 1000 Images)
- Agency (Unlimited Pages, Unlimited Posts, 5000 Images)

How can I do that, currently in 'Pro Site -> Settings -> Post/Page Quotas' I'm unable to save different quotas for each level. Once I change quota on any level it set the same quota on every other level.

2: Once quota is set for each pro site level. I want to display this quota on relevant pages of each individual user. e.g. "3 out of 10 pages used" on pages section for the user. How to do it?

  • Milan

    Hello Faisal

    Hope you are well today and thanks for asking us. :slight_smile:

    Actually Post Quotas works bit differently than you have imagined. :slight_smile: What Post Quotas offers is mechanism thorough which you can set post quotas limit for any one level.

    Setting you see in this screenshot,

    is a place where you can select level to which user needs to upgrade themselves if they want to remove quotas limit. :slight_smile:

    So if you want to achieve any of your above 2 requirements, it'll require custom coding to be done and for that we suggest you to hire good experience developer or use our Job Portal.

    Hope this helps you. :slight_smile:

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