Pro Site status has been withdrawn


I have pay to blog add-on.
There is one site that was granted with pro status untill today at 1400. The User added PayPal subscription today at 08:30.

On 1400 the pro site status has been withdrawn while next payment is not done yet. It says ( Next payment on Todays date)

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hello koff :slight_smile:

    Is your IPN setup from PayPal?

    Unlike PayPal Pro, there are no additional fees to use Express Checkout, though you may need to do a free upgrade to a business account. More Info »

    To use PayPal Express Checkout or Pro you must manually turn on IPN notifications and enter your IPN url ( in your PayPal profile (you must also do this in your sandbox account when testing).

    That's the text from the Settings page in the Network Admin for ProSites.

    This is what ensures that your payments are seen by the plugin.



  • koff
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus


    There is no problem withe the IPN.

    Here is the account history:

    5:25 AM: User modifying subscription via PayPal Express: New subscription created.
    5:25AM PayPal subscription IPN "recurring_payment_profile_created" received
    11:48 AM: Pro Site status has been withdrawn
    12:58 PM PayPal IPN "Completed" received: recurring_payment payment received.
    12:58: Pro Status Granted.

    The problem is that the status has been withdrawn although the user "paid".

    I guess its a small BUG need to be fixed...


  • koff
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus


    One month is up, and the same problem continues.

    That means: In my network I have one "Pro" site that every month will be disabled for two hours for not paying....

    I need a recommended way for solving this.



  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Seems to be some weird one time cross between timezones. Pro sites generally gives an extra day to the expire time to avoid these kind of issues.

    I believe that if you just manually extend their account 1 day, it will keep it 1 day ahead of the subscription payments.

    Note if they modify their subscription at all or update their payment method, this should clear it up as well.

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