Pro Site subscribers can take CoursePress Courses

I’ve added CoursePress and I want anyone who signs up for the Pro level (I have basic, standard, and pro) to be opted in to take any course for free. Basic and Standard subscribers should pay for courses. Can you help configure with this?

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Anthony,

    Pro Site levels are linked to the site and not to the user so that would make this a very complex customization. You would need to hire a developer to achieve it. We do have a Jobs Board where you can find developers from within the community for such situations:

    Not sure how many courses you have, but a workaround would be to duplicate them and make the duplicates free but require a passcode to sign up for then make the passcodes visible in the Dashboard to admins only so they will see them after signing up for their Pro Site and can then use that pass code to sign up for any of the duplicate courses.

    May not be ideal, especially if you have a lot of courses, but just wanted to mention it as an option in-case :slight_smile:

    Another one would be to manually register the users, so either create a form where they contact you about the course they want to be enrolled in or just enroll them all as they sign up, that of course will require more manual intervention but again if you do want an automated process then you can consider a hiring developer.

    Hope this helps, if you have further questions on the above then let us know.



  • Anthony
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Okay, I understand.

    But I could simply set up courses and email the free passcode in the email notification to Pro Site subscribers too. That way I won’t have to duplicate classes. I don’t think duplicating classes is something we want to do. It’s a bit messy, because if you have class size limits, then you can’t manage that efficiently.

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