Pro Sites 101

Hiya gang,

I’m starting over with my WP powered do-it-yourself website community and have started fresh with the new Pro Sites plugin. I have watched the intro video and read the installation info and feel like I’m more lost (conceptually) than I was previously (not surprising).

Here’s what I’m trying to do. Maybe someone can give me a basic overview of how I should approach this?

I want to offer different Levels for different Themes and have the ability to stick my Google Adsense in the “free” themes, and require users to pay if they want to turn it off. I also only want certain Plugins available on the Paid Levels. I’m not quite sure if I can accomplish this all with two levels (Free / Paid) or if I need to create multiple Paid levels. Also, as a plus, I would like to limit the Free sites to only be allowed to create up to X pages. (I see that all of this as options in the settings but I’m not sure exactly how to wrap my head around everything.)

Also – I have a “Main” site setup (the site that the users would visit for more info on this community and how to sign up and pricing and etc.) and I’m not sure how to “exclude” this site from the Free / Paid options. When I setup different Levels, all of a sudden all my pages are now unavailable. Plus it seems like this Theme is available in the list (I’m not sure if this is because I’m logged in as Admin or not), but I do *not* want that theme to even be visible to anyone.

I know I’ll have more questions as I go but maybe someone can help me with this Basic 101: Intro to Pro Sites. :wink: