Pro Sites 3.5.5 Not Compatible with latest Stripe API Upgrade

I recently upgraded the Stripe API from version 2016-07-06 to 2017-05-25 and was not able to manually extend a trial for a Pro Sites user in the Stripe Dashboard. After rolling back the Stripe API to v 2016-07-06, I was once again able to successfully extend the user's trial.

I haven't done any additional tests with the latest Stripe API upgrade but wanted to see if Pro Sites 3.5.5 is fully compatible with Stripe v2017-05-25?

Pro Sites version: 3.5.5
Stripe API Version: 2017-05-25

Test Steps:
1) Upgrade Stripe API to version 2017-05-25
2) Log into Stripe Dashboard and manually extend an Active Trial for a user by 30 days.
3) View Stripe API logs

Expected Results: Trial successfully extended for account with no API post errors.

Actual Results: See below Response Body
401 Error

Request Post Body
"trial_end": "1501502400",
"tax_percent": "0",
"coupon": "",
"items": {
"0": {
"id": "si_1AKE3gJutQAEKbHAljbFGORT",
"quantity": "1"
"prorate": "false",
"expand": [

Response body
"error": {
"type": "invalid_request_error",
"message": "This action requires additional privileges."