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What's the advantage of using the Membership plugin instead of the Wordpress member login functionslity along with the Pro Sites plugin?

  • Mark Wallace
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    Hi mdterry!
    Off the top of my head; i would say the Pro Sites plugin let you limit plugins and themes. The membership plugin will let you restrict website content. Also the membership plugin will let your members sell memberships to their site. Any more then that i would have to read the details and usage tabs for both plugins and compare them side by side.

    I will get to this in a few days and post my results for you. I have some things I need to tend to at the moment. Thanks mdterry!

  • Kimberly
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    Hi there mdterry!

    Welcome to the WPMUDEV Community!

    @MTB1701 has the right idea.

    Membership is for restricting access to content on your site. For instance, if you want to compile information and charge for access, then you would use the Membership plugin.

    If you were wanting to create a network of sites and wanted to offer paid subscriptions to your site admins as well as upgrade packages of themes and plugins.

    Membership is primarily used on Single Wordpress installs or single sites. ProSites is used on Multisites only.

    What you use will depend on what you are trying to achieve. If you give us some more info perhaps we can give you a more specialized answer :slight_smile:



  • clark
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    Is there away to let paid prosites members have access to all content and still restrict access to non paid members and visitors?
    I’m thinking of using the pay per view plugin for non paid pro site members and visitors to entice purchasing of pro site.

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