Pro Sites account page, upgrade options, cost grid missing

Hi you guys. I’m still struggling with this install after several days.

First, there is no page showing a pricing or level grid. Once I setup and get into the new site dashboard the Your Account option only gives me a page not found page. During setup, I chose the option for prosites upgrade. No page came up for payment. I have the free trial setup for 30 days. When you click on the link at the top of the dashboard to checkout before the trial period ends, again there is a page not found page that comes up.

Tried again with the ‘not now’ option for the Pro upgrade. Same results. At this point a visitor would not even know that there are levels available. This is after they somhow find the signup page.

Am I supposed to setup the pages? What do I link them to? How do I get them synced with the buttons? I will have to setup something more elaborate than a simple, “click here to get your own site”. For starters, according to what happened with my next 2 test sites I’ll have to instruct visitors to always choose the ‘not now’ option in order to even get into their dashboard if the free option is disabled. See below.

So, I set up a 3rd test site. I disabled the free trial. Selected the upgrade to Pro option on the signup page. No payment page came up. Was able to go to the site homepage. But when attempting to get to the dashboard, a page not found page came up.

Tried a test 4 site. Selected the ‘not now’ option when asked about the Pro upgrade. Went thru to the site and dashboard. Finally, I got an upgrade to Pro option!!! So I click on it and I get a page not found page. *:disappointed:

Searched through a few more forums about the issue. Found one saying that the renaming option in Pro Sites settings may be the problem. Changed it back to default. Didn’t help. Disabled all my other plugins. Didn’t help. Completely uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin. Didn’t help. I titled a Checkout Page. Not sure how to populate it. But besides, there isn’t a link that get a visitor to it.

Where’s the pretty chart with the level cost options? Why did I have look through tons of forum posts to find the link to even get to a sign up page? Are there other links associated with this plugin that I’m unaware of? Where is this basic info? The available tutorials are great. But seemingly incomplete. Please help.