[Pro Sites] Add a "Custom" ("Enterprise") plan level option that does not have

I would like to show an "Enterprise" or "Custom" plan in the pricing table that does not show pricing, as is quite common in pricing tables when wanting to sell higher volumes or custom features, etc. This would be a helpful feature for me.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi Drew

    I hope you're well today and thank you for suggesting it!

    Currently, there's no such level but you could try a workaround with MarketPress or WooCommerce and Membership 2 Pro:

    - you could set a level named "custom" with some "minimum price" (like "starting from just $9.99" or something like that) and a "non-specific" feature description; such level should give access only to some default theme and no plugin (or a basic set of plugins)
    - a MarketPress store would be set listing plugins and themes as virtual products
    - that entire section would be hidden behind some membership
    - then some custom code could be created that would automatically add admins of the sites of that custom level to that membership (that would give them access to the store); or you could do it manually
    - they would then be able to go to the store and make purchases - add all "plugins" and "themes" they need to the cart and pay for them
    - then, based on order, you - as a super admin - could enable these themes and plugins for them on their sites

    That is a bit complex and I admit I haven't tested this yet, but I think it should do the trick.

    As for the feature that you suggest, I'd like to ask additional question: while such level would be custom, should they be able to "compose" their own "plan" during the checkout or rather create a basic site and then add up to it? That makes a huge difference in both development and in payment handling - as Pro Sites is based on recurring payments it would be best to pay for everything "in one go", in my opinion. What do you think?

    Best regards,

  • Drew

    Hi, I don't think that workaround captures the sentiment of the need here (but thank you for thinking about it creatively).

    We would just be looking for a unique pricing table column, and the only thing necessary is a contact form, and possibly an option to make prospect register as a new user in the process.

    This is just a "Contact us for details" as is seen on a great many pricing tables of legitimate companies.

    Here are some examples (just a quick google search for "enterprise plan"):

    Etc etc


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Drew,

    As Adam mentioned, this is not possible out of the box but it's something we'll forward to our devs so they can consider adding it in future.

    What we could do now is apply some custom CSS and JS to hide the price and the existing button, and then replace it with new text and a custom button that will redirect to your contact form.

    I have created a mu-plugin for you that will do this but you will need to customize the CSS a bit to get your desired look.
    You will need to download the attached file, unzip it and then edit it in some file editor like SublimeText, Notepad++ or similar.
    In the file you will need to change "Contact us for more details" part, that's what will be shown instead of the price, and put URL to contact page instead of URL_TO_CONTACT_PAGE placeholder.
    There's also some CSS added that will allow you to style your new text and button, and I've added comments in file to explain which code does what.

    Hope this helps :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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