Pro Sites adding an HTML filter or something which breaks other plugins

Hopefully you can identify what is causing problematic edits to happen.

WPMUDev Pro Sites is enabled it breaks the backend admin of the GeoDirectory plugin

I was hoping it was a CSS overwrite going on, but for some strange reason it appears ProSites is changing the HTML adding a

    where a <div> should be.

    looks like the Pro Sites is adding some kind of filter/checker because GeoDirectory doesn't use a

    wrapping the

  • any ideas on how to stop that?


    <div class="geodir-chosen-container geodir-chosen-container-multi chosen-with-drop geodir-chosen-container-active" style="width: 0px;" title="" id="geodir_add_posttype_in_main_nav_chosen">

    working site (pro sites disabled):

    <div class="chosen-choices">

    broken site (pro sites enabled):

    <ul class="chosen-choices">

    I'm submitting the same support request to them. Appreciate any insight you can offer to get these two critical plugins working.