[Pro Sites] Allow limit of sites according to plan

I would like to set a limit on the number of sites that come with a plan and make that a value differentiator.

    • Tony G

      Here's how I was thinking - and someone with more of a clue might be able to simplify this...

      - I believe ProSites focuses on some client purchasing one of a variety of sites.
      - PS doesn't care who is purchasing the site, so there's no real metadata about the buyer.
      - M2 focuses on organizing people.
      - You said "I would like to set a limit on the number of sites that come with a plan and make that a value differentiator." That implies that there is some sort of plan for people.
      - I'm thinking of running both PS and M2, where you establish a relationship with clients in tiered member plans. At tier1 you get all of these services plus you can have up to 2 sites. At tier2 you get more services and you can have up to 4 sites...
      - M2 doesn't care what the member is getting with their plan, but you do need a way to deliver what you offer to each member tier, and a way to enforce restrictions that you've established. That's where custom code is required.
      - The custom code would check to see what M2 plan they have, change the UI to offer more of what they can get, and upsell to the next tier.
      - That checking should be done before offering a member new services. Otherwise checks have to be done after a purchase is requested. Using a pre-event hook, it would have to check the plan against what the user wants to do, stop them from doing something that's outside of their plan, and offer to upsell them so that they can continue. It would be much better to handle that before the user goes through the process.

      I don't know the links that are available between M2 and Woo or MP, but personally I would put all purchases through Woo or MP. I think the accounting would be much better overall, and there are all kinds of features for coupons, out-of-stock handling, logging delivery, etc. Once again, this side of the business is an element of its own separate from the members, and separate from what you're offering. But glue is required to integrate them.

      Let's hope that someone who is more intimate with these tools will confirm or deny the validity of these suggestions. :fearful:

  • Ash

    Hello Drew

    I mean that customers of Plan A can only create up to 3 network sites... but customers of plan B can create up to 10 network sites.

    This is not possible out of the box. As prosite is designed to charge per site, not per member. So, there is no real data of the user stored, but the site. A customer can buy as many sites as he wants but he has to pay for every site, if there is no option for free site.

    It might be possible to combine M2 and Pro Sites, but there is no direct integration as well as you may need to some custom code.

    Have a nice day!


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