Pro Sites and Buddypress = registration + subsite creation

I’ve been bouncing around trying 3 dozen different configurations and custom setups and premium 3rd-party option – and I surrender, I’ll use default… but still confused and need help deciphering ‘out of the box’ setup

I want a BuddyPress community

I want to offer Paid for subsites (not free) that have subscription and expire

I would like Pro Sites to handle subsite creation and levels


in network admin > network settings > Both sites and user accounts can be registered.

If I encourage user registration ie Buddypress, users are given option to create a subsite for free (I don’t want that)

If I click network admin > Pro Sites > Signup on Checkout – then /register/ gets redirected to the Pro Sites signup page and there doesn’t seem a way to sign up as a simple buddypress community member

It also appears that the Set Password plugin breaks when BuddyPress is enabled – new users can’t login using their password – so if they must go through BuddyPress reg first that is okay and acceptable, but not sure how that would work

so please set me straight here…

1) how can I allow people to join Buddypress without having to create a blog?

2) how can I force using Pro Sites to create the paid blog when the user wants it, while also allowing community signups?

3) is there a way to do this without requiring the email activation/confirmation?

I don’t have a problem requiring a user to be logged in to create a blog using Pro Sites but I can’t figure out the workflow