Pro Sites and enabling specific plug-ins

I’m new to Pro Sites and slowly getting my head around everything. But there’s one thing I want to do and cannot quite see how to do it.

I want to offer my users several paid levels, but then have the option to add extra bolt-ons for an additional fee.

For example, using the levels from the documentation, say I have a user that’s at the top level ‘Elite’ – I want to allow them to add say, E-commerce or maybe a forum.

I could just create a level that’s ‘Elite plus E-commerce’ and ‘Elite plus forum’, but I’d also need ‘Elite plus E-commerce, plus forum’. Obviously this gets more and more complex as I add features!

Is there a way to add (by that I mean, allow my users to purchase) extras? If so, can I do this with Pro Sites or do I need something else? I was looking at the ‘Membership’ plugin, but I don’t think that does what I want.

  • troykd
    • The Crimson Coder

    I think I know what your getting at. You start with free then add paid levels. Each level has access to the plugins/themes etc that are below it plus whatever you want at that level.

    Level 1 free

    Level 2 ecommerce

    level 3 forum.

    Level 3 would have the ecommerce and forum capabilities and anything offered in the free level.

    I’m assuming you’re talking about giving them access to plugins at those levels. If it’s access to a specific forum and not the forum plugin, then I’m not so sure how to set that up.

  • stephenb
    • Flash Drive

    Not really :slight_smile:

    I understand the various pro-site levels…

    So at the bottom, there’s the free level.

    Level 1 grants everything free has, plus a bunch of features, maybe access to extra themes and plugins.

    Then Level 2 gets everything level 1 has plus more themes/plugins etc.

    But now I want to present a level 2 member with the ability to add ‘super features’. These features might be the ‘marketplace’ plugin or the ‘forums’ plugin, maybe the buddypress or members plugin. But I want each of these plugins to carry an additional fee.

    Is there a way of allowing a Level 2 user to pick from a menu of paid-for ‘super features’ – allow them to pay for access to just the additional s’super features’ they want to add?

    I realise I could do that by creating a Level 3, Level 4 etc, but it all gets just a little complex providing levels that carry all of the options. If you have two ‘super features’, that requires three additional levels to manage the combinations (‘A’, ‘B’, ‘A+B’:wink: but make it three ‘super features’ and suddenly you’re up to 9 extra levels!

    Of course, one option is to accept that ‘super features’ will need to be added manually by a ‘super admin’.

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings stephenb,

    Welcome to WPMU Dev!

    Thank you for this great question and a significant item to bring up.

    I see clearly that you have a grasp of the way that Pro Sites works and the levels, this is certainly refreshing without a doubt.

    However, there is no way to do what you are inquiring about the way Pro Sites is coded right now and would take significant recoding to add this to automation.

    Of course, one option is to accept that ‘super features’ will need to be added manually by a ‘super admin’.

    This is doable and possibly the only option other then custom coding.

    The only other options I foresee then those that you mentioned above are to make a feature request which may or may not ever happen or put it to a private coder on the WPMU Dev Jobs board.

    Please advise, your input is appreciated.

    Cheers, Joe

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