Pro Sites and Event + and multisite integration.

I am using Pro Sites and Event + in multisite. I have some paid event for a subsite. When clicking "I'm attending" on a paid event it takes me to the WordPress login page to create an account. However, clicking "register" takes me to the upgrade prosite page instead of registration.

As a workaround, I tried Membership 2 Pro and that did allow me to create an account for that subsite, but workflow was weird and it never charged me the paid event amount after I clicked "I'm attendning".

I want the user to register for that subsite only not go to root site and paid their payments during the registration or event booking process. How can we achieve that what will be the best possible solutions or guidelines? Please help!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi Joshua Mason,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The Events+ plugin must "know something" about the person who clicks "I'm attending" in order to be able to actually add RSVP to the event. That's why it requires registration. However, that might indeed make the "flow" a bit more complex as creating a new account would usually also require confirming it by clicking a link sent via mail.

    Then, if you add up Pro Sites to that - the Pro Sits plugin takes over the signup process and is actually intended to handle new website creation. That's a "tough case", to be honest.

    However, I think you could take a bit different route. There's an add-on in Events+ (on "Events -> Settings -> Add-ons" page) named "RSVP with email address". If enabled, Events+ doesn't require account registration but only asks for an e-mail address. It then creates an account automatically and logs user in automatically and with this it bypasses entire "create account -> go through Pro Sites checkout/confirm via mail" process.

    That makes it much easier for a logged out visitors to RSVP to the event - no redirects, no need to create account (it's automatically created), user stays in the same page all the time (except payment of course).

    Then, users who are already logged in shouldn't be asked for login anyway.

    I think you could give it a try :slight_smile: Let me know if that helps, please.

    Kind regards,

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