Pro-Sites and Membership Integration

After digging around to figure out how to integrate Pro-Sites and Membership, I found a few posts from last year stating that integration was in the works. Just wanted to see if there has been any movement on this or is it dead in the water?


  • Patrick

    Hi @sdgenxr

    If what you want to do is restrict users from upgrading to a Pro Site unless they are on a specific Membership access level, that can already be done via URL Groups. No special integration required.

    Note that Membership can only restrict access to content that is actually on the site where it is active. In other words, if activated on the main site, it will not interfere with content access on sub-sites.

    Fortunately however, when a user clicks the Pro Upgrade link on their sub-site, they are redirected to the upgrade page on your main site.

    That is where the URL Groups feature of Membership comes into play. The URL of the upgrade page on your main site looks like this:

    The number at the end corresponds to the site ID of the user who wants to upgrade.

    You would simply need to add a URL that will redirect to your Membership Protected Content page when any site admin not on the correct access levels tries to get to that page using a regular expression in lieu of the actual site ID.

    Obviously use your actual site URL instead of :slight_smile:

    I'm not as proficient as I could be in regex, so I've asked for input from other members of the team.

  • Patrick


    My brain woke up this morning :slight_smile:

    It's actually much simpler than I had originally proposed. Create a URL Group in Membership with the following in it (using your actual site name of course):*

    Then add that URL Group to the negative rules of all Membership levels who don't have access to upgrade their sites.

    When users with that restricted access click on the Pro Upgrade menu item in their site's dashboard, they will be redirected to your Protected Content page.

  • Patrick


    So a member would have access to the pro-site sign up page and join at that level, what happens to their membership account?

    As long as the URL Group allows/restricts access in the access level you include in the subscription plan for a user, that user will/will not have access to the Pro Site upgrade page on your main site.

    This will not affect their membership level in any way. What we are doing here is simply restricting or granting access to content according to access level. Exactly what the Membership plugin was designed to do. Nothing special :slight_smile:

  • sdgenxr

    So I guess I should have worded my original post to ask how do you have multiple memberships and pro-sites in a hierarchical level?

    Membership Level 1 ->Membership Level 2 ->Pro Site Level 3 ->Pro Site Level 4

    Would it be just a manual process once a user gets to the first pro-site level, or should I just structure it so that a user would need to have both a membership level AND a Pro Sites level? The downside to this is that a user would receive two bills in a cycle. One for the membership and another for the Pro Site.

  • Patrick


    Aha! Now I understand more clearly what you were asking, yes.

    Have a Pro Site package automatically included in a Membership subscription plan, right? That type of integration is not yet feasible, I'm afraid.

    The downside to this is that a user would receive two bills in a cycle. One for the membership and another for the Pro Site.

    Currently yes, that would be the case. Users would pay sign up to a premium Membership subscription on your site, which would grant them access to the Pro Site upgrade page as detailed above. They could then have access to the upgrade page and could choose to upgrade their site or not.

  • sdgenxr

    Sounds like that is what I'll have to do.

    Just a thought, would it be possible to create a single payment gateway plugin that all WPMU Plugins would have access to? This not only help resolve some of the challenges of integrating Pro Sites and Memberships, but also provide a single payment system across all other plugins such as directory, market press, etc.

    I'm far from a programmer and not too sure of the security implications something like this would create.

  • Patrick


    That idea is one that we have discussed at length in development meetings.

    The problem with a global payment gateway plugin is that each payment process has its own particularities and peculiarities. A global plugin would need to be re-coded in essence pretty much each time a new process was integrated.

    So the consensus among the devs at this time is to provide more and better integration with our MarketPress plugin which has a dozen different gateways already included.

    That way, the output of any plugin that integrates with MP will be treated and transacted as a MP product, thus eliminating the need to handle all the different ways payment processes would need to be handled in a separate gateway plugin.

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