Pro-Sites and New Users: what is the process step-by-step


Here’s what I want to do:

IDEALLY: I want to have a person come to my site, click a JOIN NOW button, be directed to a registration page to determine how many Sites they want (1,2, or 3), then be directed to pay Paypal (or another gateway), pay the fee and be directed back to a page where they can start the process of creating their own blog. From there then they can create additional sites, depending on the amount they paid.

All sub-sites are going to be basically the same — although I like the new function in NBT allowing them to choose their template. This new function will allow me to customize the four different types of Sites I want to have: individual, family, event and organization and activate useful and appropriate plugins for each kind.

I don’t want to offer themes (not yet anyway), and I don’t want people to be able to activate or deactivate plugins.

I thought that Membership got people in the door and ProSites added space to each site if they were prolific writers.

After a lot of discussion in a number of places, I have finally understood that the Membership plugin is not going to be the one that does what I want it to do — even though I sure think it should.

Barry suggested I use Pro-Sites, and I have set up some levels, and enabled the pay to blog module.

I walked through a sign up process, and because I had enabled the “Both sites and user accounts can be registered.”

I made a new account. I got the confirmation email and then activated the user account.

Now what?

Here’re my questions:

Now where does someone go to pay? — and is it possible to make this step as part of the sign up process rather than another step after the confirmation email?

How do I limit viewable content to only logged-in members?

How do I manage their memberships? Via the User panel?

Thank you, Stephanie