Pro sites and Payfast payment gateway

Hey guys,

I'm familiar with php and javascript. I have never played with payment gateways before, but being in South Africa, Payfast ( seems like the best choice. Paypal has too many external fees for us (especially with the rand to dollar being what it is).

I realise you guys are busy, but could you give me a few pointers on where to look and what to look for to implement the payfast gateway in prosites?

They have a developers section (

I think someone has done it for Marketpress. Maybe that would be a good place to start?

I would like to try do this. Just need some ideas :slight_smile:

  • Alexander

    Hello @kyle_ben_snyders,

    Yes, I'm sure I can help provide some advice to get you started. I see that they have created a third party gateway for MarketPress. That's definitely a good start to take a look at. By looking through that code, you can get an understanding of how your gateway in the context of a Wordpress site. Much of the tasks for creating new payment gateways involve using alot of Wordpress hooks.

    If you read through the code for ProSites, you will find many action hooks and filters with comments that designate them for the payment gateway to use. Learn about these places so you know what context your gateway will be in when it's functions are executed.

    Once you're familiar with your gateway's API, I'd suggest dissecting the Stripe and Paypal API's included with Pro Sites. Find out what's similar actions they have and how it's different from your gateway.

    Also, don't forget to implement payment logging. ProSites has several functions for logging information to an account that you'll want your gateway to make use of.

    Well, I hope this helps, and provides at least just enough inspiration to get you started. Good luck with your project and with implementing this. Let us know if you need any feedback.

    Best regards,
    Alexander Rohmann

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