Pro Sites and PayPal Question

The ProSites Documentation shows PayPal Express and PayPal Pro as the only PayPal options.

I currently use PayPal to run a number of internet businesses from the same account. I do that because creating new accounts requires new bank accounts and new credit cards to be linked, and I can’t exactly manufacture those at will :slight_smile:

I have PayPal Standard with Enhanced Recurring payments. Enhanced Recurring payments is an option that I pay for each month, and it allows me to have subscription payments that the end user can pay via credit card – i.e. they don’t have to sign up for a paypal account. As I deal with small business owners, this is hugely important.

It seems I can’t upgrade to PayPal Pro without canceling enhanced payments – which has a trickle effect to all my other businesses.

Can Pro Site work with PayPal Standard? Are there other available gateways like Google Checkout?