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So im working on a clients site and everything is breaking in regards to pro-sites. I start figuring out that he has deleted the checkout pages that have been auto generated. So i take a look in the trash and I find 246 pages deleted. lots of different pages called checkout, cart, account etc etc.. seems like the client tried woocommerce wp e-commerce and other plugins that auto generated pages plus made some of his own, then put every page in the trash can, including all generated by pro-sites...
so i need to do a head count after this rescue operation..

so, how many pages are auto generated on plugin activation in pro-sites? if the auto-generated page(s) are deleted from the trash, and the plugin deactivated, re-activated, will they be re-generated, or has the plugin got a first-time-activate check inside its register_activation_hook?
most importantly, and simply, how many pages?

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    Hey Erik :slight_smile:

    From my experience, Pro Sites auto generates one page (Default titled: Pro Sites) which displays your pricing grid and checkout with PayPal button. Here's a link to an issue which Aaron resolved for me today regarding my theme and the Pro Sites plugin: Click for My Thread

    In this thread, I couldn't get my pricing grid to appear due to some laziness in the coding of the page.php file for my theme. When I originally tried troubleshooting the issue I deleted my original Pro Sites page, emptied the trash, uninstalled and re-installed Pro Sites and a new 'Pro Sites' page was auto generated.

    If you are experiencing something similar to my blank pricing page, take a close look at the two changes Aaron had me make to the page.php file.

    Hope this helps, let us know how you do! :slight_smile:


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