pro sites bandwidth

i am entertaining the idea of using a prosite installation for the company i work for. my name is chris, and i had my company invest in your services and products. we want to create a way for clients to create their own sites and manage their content through wordpress on a paid subscription platform. really cool to have found this. the only question i have before jumping into the development is if there is a way to cap bandwidth. we host our own websites and have upwards of 2,000 sites. we project that this new prosites endeavor can double this within a year or 2 - we need to make sure we are not getting hosed on unlimited bandwidth for one blog over another. we would like to be able to have users get a limited bandwidth cap and be able to purchase premium unlimited hosting services. is there a way to do this with the plugin? i saw support for storage caps, but not anything about hosting/bandwidth caps. is this possible with the current implementation or can we have this built into the plugin for a future release?

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im not sure ill get the one that is tied to our account when we signed up