Pro Sites + Blog Templates Checkout Problems

Hey There,

Have a couple questions about both Pro Sites + Blog Templates.

1) When a customer goes to create a new site on the pro-site page. There isn't a total displayed on the page. More importantly, there isn't a total displayed near the credit card section. I believe this will deter users from signing up. Wondering if there is a way to display this?

2) It doesn't seem to be clear that the user is signing up for a free trial. Is there a way to make this more clear? Can the user sign up for a trial without giving Credit card information? Nothing on the checkout/plan page suggests that there is a free trial.

3) Is there a way to designate a setup fee on a per level basis so for example: level 1 = $20 setup, level 2 = $30 setup. Also is there a way to only charge the setup fee on upgrade so there would be no fee when the user intially signs up. Right now even when the user is in a free trial mode they'd have to pay the setup fee.

4) When integrating with the Blog Templates plugin... the templates we've created show up however niether of the buttons work. When a user clicks the "View Demo" button... the page reloads. The button does not take you to the demo. The "Select this template" button does nothing either. It simply reloads the page. There is also no change/indicator that the user selected a template?

Feel free to view our site and our signup page at we've made a few modifications however they are all just changes to the CSS nothing dynamically.

Thanks again for your help in advance!