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Hi all,

Happy New Year to one and all at WPMU! May 2017 bring much inspiration and success.

I hope someone could help me out of my misery here...

Using the Pro Sites plugin I'm trying to create membership levels where all levels have full access to all plugins and themes, but the only difference is in the number of sites a member can create per level.

The Features table shown in this WPMU blog post shows a "Free" level, a "Single" level and a "Bulk" level. Under the "Free" and "Single" levels the user is, per the table, limited to creating one site only, while under the "Bulk" level it seems he can create a certain pre-set number of sites.

My problem is I can't find out how to set the number of sites allowed per level. Any help would be much appreciated!


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey Phil,

    Thanks for the kind wishes, I hope you have happy and fulfilled 2017 :slight_smile:

    Since this question is related to our plugin I've moved it from Members to Support forums, Members forums are more of a general discussion place and it doesn't guarantee response from support staff.

    As for the issue on hand, I'm afraid that Pro Sites doesn't have such option as the plugin is designed to work per site basis and not per user.

    You could try plugin like this one to limit number of blogs per user but there's no integration with Pro Sites in order to limit it per level.

    Something like that would require custom development, if you need to customize this then you can post a job in our job board where you can hire a developer to assist further:
    Please note that, no WPMU official staff members are allowed to work in the job board.

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Phil!

    The name "Bulk" on a screenshot in the article on our blog is not related to "site creation limits". There were never such limits supported by Pro Sites but there's an option to set limits on a number of posts/pages created withing a site depending on levels. That's however different than then number of site's being created.

    I fully agree though that it would make a great feature so let's hope other members of our community will vote for it as well and our developers will add it to the plugin in future.

    Best regards,

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