Pro Sites Bulk Upgrade Credit Purchase Problem

With the bulk upgrade PayPal Payment Type set recurring, user gets a blank page when PayPal sends user back to my site after making payment.

Then when the PayPal Payment Type is set to single… user gets sent back to the bulk upgrades page after making payment. A message that says transaction complete is shown to the user… but no credit gets added to the user account.

I tested these with both live paypal and paypal sandbox accounts, the bulk upgrade does not work as expected.

I have requests too,

1) Is it possible to add PayPal page_style option to both the single and recurring bulk upgrades Paypal payment code <input type=”hidden” name=”page_style” value=”page style name”>

2) I would like pro sites to have a feature that would give members option to use their credits to pay/activate a site when adding a new site at the point where a member gets sent to pro-sites payment page. It will be a nice addition for someone that has pay-to-blog module enabled. Why give me only paypal payment option when I have credits that I can use.

3) How to generate series of unique codes that can only be used once or the number of times you want, hand over the codes to third party marketer(s) to sell at a promotional price, purchasers of the codes can then use them to signup and get a site or multiple sites from me at a great deal without having to go through the payment process on my site. I have been cracking my head on this one… and if there’s a way to make the code to be auto generated for the third party marketer, maybe via paypal IPN forwarding, that will just crush it.