Pro Sites canceling subscription even though it was already paid by the Customer

We are experiencing an issue where the Pro Sites log states: Pro Sites "Reminder to cancel previous Manual subscription
User modifying subscription via PayPal Express: New subscription created"
In my case we did not cancel the manual subscription, so even though the customer successfully made a payment, Pro Sites Expired their subscription level, when the trial expired.
However, in our case we already have IPN Enabled and we also have the return URL listed.
Therefore, can you please tell me how can I correct this issue?
Do I need to point this a more specific location for Pro Sites so that this issue will not keep occurring?
1. Is this happening for all customers or just some?
a. Yes, Even though we know that the payments are being made
2. Can you check your IPN history to make sure it isn't giving out any errors? You can check it in your PayPal account via My Overview > History > IPN History.
a. The IPN History in PayPal shows a completed transaction, with no errors received back from our site.
One item to note is that we have the Notification URL At, specified to the higher level URL, i.e. as opposed to a webserver listener such as there was no mentioned in Pro Sites that we have seen that stated that we needed to have the Notification URL to our IPN Listener pointed to any specific location. If this is required, the can you please tell us the exact location of the ipn-listener for Pro Sites?
Where's is listed? This is listed in the PayPal Notification URL