Pro Sites Cancellation During Trial Period?

I'm using Pro Sites on my site and I am currently allowing for a free trial period for my customers and then at the end of that payments start being processed via PayPal. I've been testing with one of my test accounts and I can't seem to actually cancel my account right now. The account is still in this free trial period, however the payments are set up on PayPal and they don't cancel and nothing changes about my account on the backend. I've tried to cancel multiple times to no avail. I get the message

"There are pending changes to your account. This message will disappear once these pending changes are completed"

However, the message doesn't ever disappear, and the pending changes don't seem to have been completed. Below that message is this message -

"You are still within your trial period. Once your trial finishes your account will be automatically charged"

The latter message does at least seem to be true... but not in keeping with the fact that I just pressed the cancellation link. Obviously I don't really want my users to cancel their accounts, but if they decide to do so it should be relatively simple for them to do so! Any help would be greatly appreciated.