Pro Sites Checkout Page not working as expected

The content you add to the top of the "checkout page" aka "upgrade page" or "/pro-site/" does not show when you're a trial member, but it shows when you're not signed in and can't upgrade anyway...

So a person comes along.. signs up for a trial.. they see the "Days left to go" message... click that, goto the upgrade page and they can't see my content which explains why they should upgrade?... all they get is the ugly table based price list...

Which by the way is nothing like the glorious thumbnail of the pro sites plugin:

I guess I'll have to get around it by creating a special wp page template..

If I just hide the subscription options with css, is there anyway to mimic the subscription options and PayPal link into a much nicer format? Like those of Squarespace, Shopify and the prosites thumbnail for example?