[Pro Sites] Checkout page slug changes by itself

I have an intermittent problem with the checkout page slug changing by itself from "packages" to "packages-2". The checkout page still works with the new slug, but it breaks menus and other links. The problem seems to happen when I change other Pro Sites settings. It's not 100% reliable, but this sequence seems to cause it.

1. Set up Pro Sites
2. Set up some levels
3. Enable Pricing table
4. Enable Feature table
5. Add some features
6. Rebrand Pro Sites: Pro Sites -> Packages
7. Go to: Pages > All Pages
8. Quick Edit page title: Packages -> Website Packages
9. Leave slug unchanged as "packages"
10. Make several changes to Pro Sites settings (don't change Rebrand)
10.1. Change Signup Message
10.2. Change Free Trial Disabled/set
10.3. Change Levels: Is Visible

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi drew_mathers,

    I have an intermittent problem with the checkout page slug changing by itself from "packages" to "packages-2".

    Thanks for sharing the steps, I could notice the similar when tested with the mentioned workflow. The plugin is automatically deleting the new page when the title is changed, and is creating a new page again with Packages as it's title, as that's what the "Rebrand Pro Sites" field has.

    The renaming of the slug to /packages-2, is a common workflow in WordPress, if a new page is created with the same slug name, which is what seems to be happening.

    I'll have to check with the developer to see whether this is the intended workflow, and see whether there is any further improvements that could be done regarding this.

    At the moment, I'm afraid, the page title will have to be the same as text added in Rebrand Pro Sites.

    Will keep you updated once we have further feedback regarding this. Thanks for bringing this into our attention.


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