Pro Sites - Dashboard quota and blog to pay

Hello. My problem is that Pro Sites is not showing the storage usage on the Dashboard and that when a user goes over the storage quota, the site is not disabled (front end or back end) even though the Pay to Blog module is enabled.

Interestingly, in the Media Library, when I go over the storage limit for a level, I see a notification in the Library indicating the percentage of the storage quota that each file is consumed by each file. That is, I have 1.5 MB of files in the Media Library. When the quota level is at 1 MB, I see a notification in red text under "Space Used" that the "__% of allowed space" used by each file. When I lift the quota level to 1 GB, these percentage notifications disappear. I believe this indicates Pro Sites is, in part, applying the storage quota that goes with the level and is (partially?) able to see the files in question.

Otherwise, Pro Sites seems to be working in all other dimensions.

I expect that the solution to this problem is somewhat involved, but given the symptoms described, how would you advise I start troubleshooting these problems?

Thanks for your help!