Pro Sites doesn't remember the selected template.

The Pro Sites doesn't remember which template user has just chosen previously during the signup process. After logging in, the new site starts afresh with the Twenty Fifteen theme as a default with no sign of copying all the settings and content from template site (see attached for New Blog Templates setting). My first and foremost attempt for now is testing the New Blog Templates and Pro Sites plugins as a normal user / subscriber / customer, with the previous Pro Sites version (a couple of months back) I could be able to achieve this flow as intended.

--> At the Template Page (the collection has been controlled by New Blog Templates)
--> Click "Choose this design"
--> Registration Signup + FORCE user to check over "Create a Site" at the same time as giving their site a name, alias = subdomain name. When the "Create a Site" checkbox doesn't get checked, the registration process is not successful.
--> Activate their signup through the link sent via email.
--> Login to their site.
--> After login, redirected to WP Dashboard
--> The chosen template awaits for alteration over the dashboard.

The first task, registration during the free trial period, seemed to be pretty basic and was successful as intended but after several upgrades on your Pro Sites plugin, I just have a chance to double check with the flow and many problems arise as follows:

--> At the Template Page
--> Click "Choose this design": using either of both links below giving me the same result which brings me to this particular page (see attached for screenshot)
--> There are no plans available for me to choose from or subscribe as you can see from the sceencap.
--> Click "No thank you, I will continue with the basic site for now."
--> The site registration process with creating a username and sitename (THIS NEW UPGRADE OF PRO SITES BLOWS MY MIND - nice touch and looks less complicated.)
--> Click "LOGIN", bring me to the WP Dashboard BUT WITHOUT the selected template awaits.

The site is still under the dev local machine, I'll have another question regarding domain mapping after the sitename (subdomain) has been chosen during the signup but I'll put this topic on a different thread. Please advice on the issues above.