Pro Sites & Domain Mapping plugins

A few questions:

1) I would assume a dedicated IP is required for these plugins to work correctly? Will they function in a shared hosting environment or will they require a VPS / dedicated server?

2) How is the domain mapping handled? It’s registered then gets pointed to my server IP?

3) After a domain is mapped, is there a way to specify MX records for the domain to allow for email hosting?

4) Do these plugins allow for a unique userbase on each hosted site? ie. I don’t want users of to be able to log into as well.

Thank you in advance!

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  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @jay,

    Multisite users are network users, so they’re all users of the same network. But they will not have roles on subsites unless they registered on that subsite, you can use a plugin such as multisite privacy to restrict users to their own sites.

    Yes, it’s best to have a dedicated IP, it can be done without, but not under all conditions, if you want MX records too, then yes you’ll definitely need a dedicated IP.

    The domain mapping is handled by Setting the domain A records to point at your multisites IP, doing it that way will allow you to set the MX records to be used for emails, but domain mapping is only interested in the A or CNAME (if you are mapping subdomains)

    If you only park the domain on the server (The easiest way), then you will not be able to configure MX records.

    They will work on shared hosting, provided you have the dedicated IP, and if you are using a subdomain multisite, then you will need to also have wildcard Subdomains for the multisite. However, eventually as your sites grow & get larger, you’ll probably want to move off shared hosting, no doubt when that time comes, the host will most likely have told you you need to upgrade due to resources)

    Hope this helps.

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