[Pro Sites] Enom changed their Terms of Service, would like other options

I paid $7000 a while ago to be an enom reseller...the experience with them has actually been quite horrible. Buggy, notification letters sent to clients that are unbranded and look like common spam, and then they changed their whole pricing structure this year to ignore the $7000 that was pre-paid for better pricing and just charge higher pricing.

There are other re-sellers doing a better job, and most likely all have a better api.

Can we start integrating those....as e-nom is really is bad.

You can read about these changes here:



Its crazy...they are just straight up ignoring the contracts they entered into with the people that paid $7000

Straight up dumb. Moral of the story, not good for pro-sites to be offering them up as a reseller...their pricing, and product is not good.