[Pro Sites] Feature Request: Enable option to use PayPal Subscription Buttons

Based on other threads in this forum and some conversation with PayPal support I understand that, in order to allow end-customers to buy subscriptions with a credit card and without requiring them to sign up for a PayPal account, we have to use a PayPal Website Payments Pro account with the Enhanced Subscription Add-on. Using the simpler PayPal Website Payments Standard will not be sufficient.

However, I understand there is a way to have credit card subscriptions work with the Standard account – use the PayPal Subscription Buttons instead of PayPal Express Buttons. This is a vote to have the option for subscription buttons added to Pro Sites.

That would give us more flexibility and lower costs for our setups. The Website Payments Standard is simpler as payments are processed on the PayPal servers.

Anyone else wants/needs this feature?