Pro sites Free Level are asking user to pay

Hi, I have this site:

I installed Pro sites, I have Wordpress Multisite.

I created a free level (I dont need the default free level you provide, that is not helpful for my business).

When a user goes to they see the Pro sites Pricing Table, then select the free plan (first one), then the click "Choose plan", then "Sign Up", then fill their new site information (name, email, site name...), then they get a message:

"Your site ( has been reserved but is not yet activated.
Once payment has been processed your site will become active with your chosen plan..."

But why this is happening?

I already setup a free level in Pro sites with $0 fees or charge (totally free). And in the signup page (pricing table), stills wanting to charge for this.

I need that when a user selects free plan, choose plan -> signup -> ready to go -> send email with user, pass, and link for their new site.

How can I achieve that?

Best regards,
Mowgly :slight_smile: