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Is it possible to have the free trial level based on what plan they originally sign up for. So if they click signup for plan 1, they get the trial for plan 1, whilst plan 2, they get the trial for plan 2 etc...

Rather than having one set Free Trial Level.

  • Alex Stine
    • System Administrator

    Hope you are well and sorry for the delay on this ticket.

    This is how the Pro Sites free trial works.
    A: Customer registers for plan 1.
    B: The trial plan which in this example is plan 2 will be added.
    C: Once the trial is over, the customer will go back to plan 1, the plan he/she signed up with.

    You can set this up by following these steps.
    1. Go to Network Admin > Pro Sites > Settings > General Settings.
    2. You will see Free trial.
    3. There will be a drop down, select the number of days you want the trial to be active.
    4. Next, you need to select the Free Trial Level. This will be the level that is assigned this user while on the trial plan.
    5. Click Save Changes.

    Just a note, you cannot assign different trials to different levels, this trial will be global for all levels.

    Please let me know if I can help in any further questions.

    Alex :smiley:

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