Pro Sites Free User's Level Display Error

I understand that for Free Level, we no need to created it as by default the Pro Sites already created the Free Level. To tested how the Pro Sites works, I had created ONLY 1 Paid (Premium) Level.

So, I presume now I had 2 types of Member:

1. Free
2. Paid (Premium)

From my admin dashboard, Pro Sites > Manage Sites > I can see the Paid (Premium) member's information display as per below:

Manage Site : Anita Anita (Blog ID: 11)
Current Pro Site
Pro Site privileges will expire on: March 11, 2017
Level: 1 - Paid

But somehow where for the Free member, the information seems a bit strange, :

Manage Site : melvin's blog (Blog ID: 9)
"melvin's blog" has never been a Pro Site.

There is nothing indicate that this is Free. Ie Level: 0 - Free

Is there something wrong with my setting? I read on some guides that, they said it maybe related to Pay To Blog plugin enable or created the Sites before set up the Pro Sites Plugins.

I had checked and confirmed that:

(1) I did not set up the Pay to Blog Plugin
(2) I activated my Pro Sites setting before I created the Anita or Melvin's blog.

Last but not least, I saw this message on my backend -

This site is using an older gateway so their information is not accessible until the next payment comes through.

What does this mean & do I need to fixed it?