Pro-Sites functionality

Just joined today on a trial basis to test out Pro-Sites.

I was expecting the ability to control bandwith, access levels and download capability etc., in order to better manage the anticpated subsites on my server.

So either I am missing something in Pro-Sites, its provided in some other plugin/s, or its just not available.

Could you let me know which/how please?

Many thanks,


P.S. I am anxious to find a way to to impose a fair use policy on all sub-sites so as not to end up with a large bandwidth overage bill to pay at the end of the month.

  • Dimitris

    Hello Terence,

    hope you're doing good today and thanks for joining us! :slight_smile:

    I was expecting the ability to control bandwith, access levels and download capability

    Pro Sites plugin is providing the following functionalities by default:
    1. create different Pro Site levels, with different prices
    2. create discount coupons for members
    3. set payment gateways for receiving payments
    4. create (and style) your pricing tables in frontend

    Apart from these "basics", it also comes with a variety of modules (think of them like add-ons), which provide more functionalities.

    The ones that could help you on the above queries are:
    - Limit Publishing
    - Pay To Blog
    - Post Throttling
    - Post/Page Quotas
    - Premium Plugins
    - Premium Themes
    - Upload Quota

    Please keep in mind that there's no specific "bandwidth" option, as this is based on the actual content that these sites will have and page load that they will produce.

    As for "access levels", I'm not quite sure I follow you here, could you please refer to a simple example?

    Also "download capability" is part of the above "bandwidth", or are you referring to some kind of digital downloads? If it's about the second one, you can use our MarketPress plugin and set a limit in products quantities.

    Warm regards,

  • Terence

    I do good every day thanks, except when I have a bad day :slight_smile:

    I had tried Pro-Sites several years ago, and wasn't impressed. And while it looks a million dollars now, I was just hoping that bandwidth element would be built-in by now.

    OK, I guess it just means I am going to have to put it behind a ISP control panel like cPanel/WHM or ISPConfig.

    Where there's a will there's a way. :slight_smile:

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