Pro Sites: get object of allowed themes for current site

I have some custom js that I'm working with to create an entirely unique wp customizer experience. Part of this is creating a custom theme preview and installation experience.
So this means I need to get a list of all themes that are available to that prosite blog.

I can get a array of theme objects via wp_get_themes().

However, what I really need is the ability to get only themes that are allowed for that site via prosites.

I have the prosites theme module installed and set up with themes for different levels.

I've tried this:

$test = $psts->get_setting('pt_allowed_themes');

this prints out the name of the theme with it's level associated. It's a start but no bueno.

Do you have anything I can use that returns more detail? Similar to wp_get_themes() but also showing which level it belongs to?

Ideally, the object would be something similar to the wp_get_themes object like this:


    [solo-theme] = Object
            [update] = ;
            [theme_root:WP_Theme:private] =>; /home/path/Web/web/app/themes
            [headers:WP_Theme:private] =>; Array
                    [Name] =>; Solo Theme
                    [ThemeURI] =>;
                    [Description] =>; The Solo theme
                    [Author] =>; some author name
                    [AuthorURI] =>;
                    [Version] =>; 1.0
                    [Template] =>; some-parent-theme
                    [Status] =>;
                    [Tags] =>; sometag
                    [TextDomain] =>;
                    [DomainPath] =>;
                    [prositeLevel] => 1;


I can always loop through them in JS and do the work there.

Right now, just using $psts->get_setting('pt_allowed_themes'); to get a theme name and it's level would require me to do a bunch of extra work that seems unnecessary.

Let me know and thanks yall! I signed back up just to ask this question.

P.S You really need some developer docs - desperately.