PRO SITES - How to test PayPal in sandbox mode?

Hi guys!

I'm trying to test PayPal in Sandbox mode but I'm having real trouble with it. I have created both Merchant and Buyer accounts in PayPal Sandbox. I have also succesfully connected the API Credentials to my PRO SITES settings.

Here is how I'm testing this:
- I create a new blog (it gets 30 days free trial immediatly)
- I remove the PRO STATUS by hand from the blog
- I try to create a payment via PayPal (the Buyer account has "funds" on it)
- The paypal goes through no problem
- I can see the subscription activation in the history of this account
- When I try to renew it again I get the message "There are pending changes to your account. This message will disappear once these pending changes are completed." but I cannot do anything about it.

Please help - I need to test PayPal and the entire process but it simply doesn't work.

Also - after the test payment is made nobody gets an e-mail - neither the buyer or the seller. Is this normal?

I'm working on domain - you have support access granted if you need to check anything.