Pro Sites incompatibility with BBPress?


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While working on a site to be launched on the same day (= I had to have it working :wink:
I discovered something interesting

BBpress second level forum (= with a parent forum/category) also in the permalink, will result in page not found.
I searched for this issue and came across a few topics, where it was advised to reapply the permalinks, then save again the BBpress settings, where we set the slugs.
I tried everything there and still the same issue, but it was clearly an issue with rewrite.

So I begun to deactivate every other plugin I have and after every deactivation I tried if second level forums were loading. I thought specifically about security plugins such as Wordfence, Better WPSecurity, but nope.

Finally, it was when ******I deactivated wpmudev's Pro Sites plugin, that the second level forums were loading.*******

I tried another forum plugin but really I will need BBPress (big amount of subforums necessary on this website)

now I made some tests, and to make short :

- if Pro Sites activated :
-> 1st level forum will work
-> 2nd level forum will not work

- if Pro Sites is deactivated :
-> 1st level forum will work
-> 2nd level forum will work and can be reached with those 2 url
(forums/forum beeing the slugs set in Forums settings page)

is it normal we can reach with 2 different permalinks?
***** and as it changes automatically, is there a way to force (in BBPress code) a subforum permalink to stay 1st level even if in a sublevel? would be interesting also in the case a forum is moved to another category then it wouldn't change url ***** (and at the same time it would solve/hide the issue with Pro Sites)

so cleary this is a rewrite stuff that goes beyond my knowledge, for info my permalinks are set to the second option /2012/06/07/exemple-article/ and .htaccess present with necessary change in it

I use also buddypress on that site but didn't go until desactivate it as it worked when I deactivated Pro Site,
the site I was working on has buddypress, but not the groups and forum elements checked, forum beeing BBpress anyway (I also tried to check/uncheck forums in buddypress settings, really not related to the issue)

so I was thinking to install a testsite with only vanilla WP Multisite and buddypress, as I need all my tests done that way
+ for this issue : Pro Sites and BBPress

so if there is anything you tell me to try, it will be done :slight_smile:

thank you very much in advance (anybody, eveybody :slight_smile:

  • aecnu

    Greetings Patricia,

    Thank you for your feedback and great detailed synopsis of what is going on with your testing between BBpress and Prosites.

    so I was thinking to install a testsite with only vanilla WP Multisite and buddypress, as I need all my tests done that way
    + for this issue : Pro Sites and BBPress

    Very anxious to hear about the intriguing and last test you mention you are going to do before trying to replicate and alert the lead developer of Pro Sites that there is a confirmed bug.

    Please advise as to the results of the test.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Member!

    Cheers, Joe

  • Patricia BT

    Hi Joe

    I managed to narrow the issue :
    as on the test site both plugins were working together, we had a look with Cole (WonderCole for me now) yesterday during the support Chat, he had a look and said it's a weird one :slight_smile:

    I know that the main dev for Pro Sites is Aaron, so either Aaron, or WonderCole :slight_smile: are welcome to help me on that...

    so actually on the test site, I had activated Pro Sites but the settings were still not the same as on the main site, so I went to modules/gateway to choose the same as in the main site, Premium Plugins was already checked, but compared to the main site,
    - Advertising
    - Premium Themes
    were not checked, so I checked them, and THERE the issue appeared on that test site as well !

    unfortunaltely, revert to unchecked doesn't solve the problem, so the subforums are not accessible anymore, I guess an option stays somewhere in database but no idea where (Aaron?)

    and purely about BBPress, as discussed with WonderCole yesterday, it's anyway not a normal behaviour to be able to access a subforum with 2 different url (when there is no issue)
    as well as
    (provided the parent of level2 subforum is level1)

    looking forward to solve that all together, after all, "Being a member is like having my own WordPress development team" :wink:

    have a nice day

  • Patricia BT

    more narrow : it's not advertising, or premium themes, it's when I save settings

    the 2nd level or BBPress forums is accessible when Pro Sites activated but before to have gone to Pro Sites settings, then I save on the settings page (without have changed anything) and then the 2nd level of forum is not accessible anymore

    weird :slight_smile:

    next post, I will post the difference between both DB as I had pu DB for when it works, then again save settings, then save DB so I can compare both DB

  • Patricia BT

    confirmed with the DB, when I just save the settings of Pro Sites, it adds a page "Pro Sites" (no problem) and modify also a record in the _sitemeta table, for record psts_settings for Pro Sites

    when I revert back to the previous content of this line (as Pro Site is after installing it, before to save on settings page)
    then my issue with subforums disappear

    I think I have no more idea how to solve that by myself, and I call for help :O)

    thx in advance

  • Patricia BT

    I attach 2 files, one before to press "Save changes" in Pro Sites settings
    one just after

    if I put the previous content again via phpmyadmin, the second level forum works again

    this is the value of the field psts_settings in the _sitemeta table (the table has a prefix I do not paste here)

    even I have added other plugins now to that test install, this behaviour was the same with only vanilla install and those plugins

    thx in advance :slight_smile:

  • Patricia BT

    DISREGARD previous attachments (or if a moderator can delete them, cool)

    here are the new ones

    I installed from scratch a new site WP 3.4, made it multisite
    this time I didn't install buddypress (but no difference)
    i installed only
    - wpmu updates (dashboard) 3.1.1
    - BBpress 2.0.3
    - Pro Sites 3.2.2

    I do not go for now to Pro Sites settings, but I choose Pro Sites modules plugins and theme, in plugins I choose BBPress to be a premium plugin (i do not want my free users to have a forum on their subsite)
    I go make my main site a permanent Pro Site

    then from the main site dashboard (I mean not network dashboard) I activate BBPress and I create a forum level1, and a forum Level2 with Level1 as its parent

    both can be reachable on a page called forums like the slug, and containing [bbp-forum-index]

    in DB, the content of psts_settings in the _sitemeta table is in the "before.txt" file attached

    I go then to Pro Sites settings, I do not change anything, I press the button "Save changes" and then the exact same issue appears = level2 of forum is not reachable again

    the content of psts_settings in the _sitemeta table is in the "after.txt" file attached

    if I paste the value from before, the 2nd level of forum is reachable again

    Moha helped me in the chat today, as requested I send now via contact form the login, ftp temporary test credentials

    maybe after that, Moha can send what he finds to Aaron?

    thx in advance for all the help

  • aecnu

    Greetings Patricia,

    Thank you for all the wonderful feedback and information you have generously provided.

    It is not that folks here like Cole, Moha, and myself do not want to bring Aaron in on this, the fact of the matter is that Aaron has been on a well deserved vacation shortly after the rolling over to the new WPMU Dev web site with an expected return date of July 10th.

    Therefore until that time minimum you are stuck with us trying to help get these issues resolved as well to include the rest of our team and we will try to help the best that we can until Aarons return :slight_smile:

    Sincerely, Joe

  • Patricia BT

    Hi Joe

    thank you very much for the information, and I'm happy for Aaron if he enjoys holidays :slight_smile:

    actually on the chat, Moha said he will troubleshot, and asked me to send login and all via the contact form, which I did. Tim answered and confirmed me that he forward the message to Moha and WonderCole :slight_smile:

    so I guess there is a lot of experts on my issue, sure something will be discovered.

    have a nice day/night :slight_smile:

  • Patricia BT

    Mr. S H Mohanjith you are the KING !!

    I don't understand this piece of code :slight_smile: but this SOLVED the issue, I am very grateful for all the time you took to look at my site from yesterday and today, and for your friendly support in the chat!

    to Mohs'a boss here : he's a great value to WPMUDev :wink:

    thank you very very much !
    Looking forward to help you testing Theme Pack if necessary!

    take care!

  • Patricia BT

    I come back on the topic just in case someone else encounters this issue, and as I read in another topic Aaron will be in holidays until July 10th,
    I see that you, Moha, also added a global $wp_query; in the beginning of the function, so if anyone wants to fix the file for himself, best to copy all the concerned lines, so replace lines 658->669 in wp-content/plugins/pro-sites/pro-sites.php :

    function checkout_page_load() {
    	  //don't check on other blogs
    	  if ( !is_main_site() )
    //prevent weird redo when theme has multiple query loops
    		if ($this->checkout_processed)
        //check if on checkout page
    	  if (!$this->get_setting('checkout_page') || get_queried_object_id() != $this->get_setting('checkout_page'))

    with :

    function checkout_page_load() {
    	global $wp_query;
    	//don't check on other blogs
    	if ( !is_main_site() )
    	//prevent weird redo when theme has multiple query loops
    	if ($this->checkout_processed)
    	//check if on checkout page
    	if (!$this->get_setting('checkout_page') || $wp_query->queried_object_id != $this->get_setting('checkout_page'))


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