Pro Sites integration with MailerLite

Looking for a bit of custom integration help here with Pro Sites and MailerLite.

What we're trying to do is integrate the two so that the admin users of new site signups are automatically added to our MailerLite list.

We're thinking of using Zapier for this integration, much like Wp-Ultimo does it:

  • Ari

    Hey Drew

    Hope you are well today!

    I did the integration for you, please follow the steps below:

    1: In the wp-content folder, create a mu-plugins folder if that already not exist
    2: Download this gist file:
    3: Unzip it, upload the prosite-zapier-mailerlite-integration.php file to the mu-plugins folder

    Now we need to implement it with Zapier, please follow the below screenshots and instructions:

    4: Create a Zapier account
    5: Create a Zap
    6: Select WeebHooks by Zapier

    After above steps:

    7: Edit the prosite-zapier-mailerlite-integration.php file you just uploaded in the mu-plugins folder.
    8: Change arrow signed marked YOUR_ZAPIER_HOOK_URL to your webhook url you just copied from Zapier, here's the screenshot:

    9: Click on OK, did this, like:

    10: Now reload your prosite website, It will send dummy request with the fields to the Zapier.
    11: After 5-10 seconds you will see a "Test success" notice in the Zapier, otherwise reload the zapier page, hope you will see the success notice. If not maybe you made a mistake in the above steps. Or something wrong, here's the screenshot:

    12: Again edit the prosite-zapier-mailerlite-integration.php file and remove the marked portion of code, since it is just for test purpose and you need it for only once.

    We are done with the WebHook process, lets integrate it with MailerLite, please follow the below screenshots:

    If you click on connect button, it will open a popup to provide the API key of the MailerLite, please follow that instruction. Once you are done with it, let's move to the next steps:

    [image pos="5"]

    In this step, you again need to place your Zapier WeebHook url, for our main code portion, this will get fired when any site get created by the prosite. By doing this step we are done with the integration,

    Now we just need to test our integration, follow below steps:

    13: Go to your prosite front-end page (from where you create prosites). Create a site with dummy data for test purpose, and let's check if our integration works:

    [image pos="6"]

    It's long instruction here, let me know if you have any trouble here!

    Warm Regards,

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