Pro Sites intergration with Sensei LMS (from woo Commerce)

I have implemented Pro Sites and am using it to manage quotas for my sub sites. I am wanting to deliver training sites so have also installed Sensei LMS (from woo commerce)

I have enabled the posts/page quotas and these are working for the posts and pages, in the pro sites setting page there is also the option to limit Sensei Courses, Lessons, Quizzes and Questions. I have enabled levels of my sites to have different numbers of courses, lessons and questions.

When I log into a bronze sub site (Limited to 1 course, 2 lessons, 4 questions) sub site as a user, I am able to add more than the limited number of courses, lessons and quizzes. Can you please have a look at why the limits are not enabled on the sensei settings


Jonathan Hall

Bronze Limited sub site