Pro Sites is adding upgrade to premium at my site signup page.


Pro Sites is adding a choice to upgrade to premium on my site create page.

However, it is formatted wrong.

<div class=&quot;register-section clear&quot; id=&quot;supporter&quot;>
<label class=&quot;label&quot;>Premium</label>
Tradr Premium allows you to sell items in the Tradr marketplace!
<label class=&quot;checkbox&quot; for=&quot;psts_signed_up_yes&quot;>
<input type=&quot;radio&quot; id=&quot;psts_signed_up_yes&quot; name=&quot;psts_signed_up&quot; value=&quot;yes&quot; checked=&quot;checked&quot;>
<strong>I'm Interested</strong>
<label class=&quot;checkbox&quot; for=&quot;psts_signed_up_no&quot;>
<input type=&quot;radio&quot; id=&quot;psts_signed_up_no&quot; name=&quot;psts_signed_up&quot; value=&quot;no&quot;>
<strong>Not Now</strong>
</div> You need a test account and logged in to replicate the issue.

Is this happening on other themes by default? Should I fix this by CSS or would it help anyone else regarding the error?