Pro Sites is keeping deactivating itself

This is not the first time I’ve discovered that Pro Sites had magically disabled itself! The debug.log shows a database error that might be related:

WordPress database error Incorrect index name for query ALTER TABLE wp_pro_sites ADD KEY ‘ (blog_ID,level,expire) made by require(‘wp-admin/plugins.php’:wink:, activate_plugin, include_once(‘/plugins/pro-sites/pro-sites.php’:wink:, ProSites->__construct, ProSites->install, dbDelta, QM_DB->query

  • Lindeni Mahlalela
    • Recruit

    Hello William Kowalski,

    I hope you are doing great today and I am so sorry for the delayed response and the inconvenience it may have caused. Thank you for granting access and sending the FTP details, I have accessed your site and have seen the log files especially the error you referenced above.

    I have thoroughly checked the source code of Pro Sites and have found the line of code in the error log is commented out, meaning it is not executed when running the install/activation. I have noticed that you have the latest version of Pro Sites activated and it was still active when I accessed your site.

    Can you tell how often do you experience the automatic deactivation and when last did it automatically deactivated? Do you know what actions you were performing when it deactivated itself, or you just find it inactive on the dashboard? Also, do you experience the issue with the current version of Pro Sites or it was before updating. Your response to these questions will help us understand the problem better and make it easier for us to find a solution.

    I have noticed that your debug.log file is extremely long so I renamed it so that a new one can be created, that will make it easier for us to read latest logs and see if there is anything we can relate to the issue.

    I hope to here back from you soon. Please enjoy the rest of your day.



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