Pro Sites Issue - I deleted my highest level but blogs are still assigned to it


I had 20+ blogs assigned to level 2

I then decided to delete level 2 and use level 1 only

On network sites, all of them blogs are still assigned to level 2.

Where it used to have a description: 2 - Level Two

It says this: 2 -

I then had to manually go in to all 20 blogs are change to level 1.

I also, requested a pro sites bulk change level feature request a while back. That would come in handy too!

Any ideas?



  • Aaron
    • CTO

    I purposely designed it not to change the levels in the DB when you delete a level. Both because its not a good idea to delete a level you're using, so we keep them there in case you add a level back. And them being at a higher non existing level will still give them access to all features at levels below.

    If you really want to change them it's a simple DB query:
    UPDATE wp_pro_sites SET level = 1 WHERE level = 2;

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Sounds like a really rare scenario. Honestly have no plans to add this (can't even conceive how it would be designed). It would be a very rare situation that one would need to bulk manually change, and on those occassions a DB query would be more efficient and powerful.

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