Pro Sites - Language Problem


I posted before,but can't find a solution.

When I add language pack for pro-sites.Network dashboard translated fine,
but user dashboard is not translating.

How can I fix it?

Edit:Sorry,I see this reply now.I'll add po files under the this topic.

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hiya Mustafa,

    First off, it really is awesome that you're providing all these language resources. Again, can't say thanks enough!

    As for Pro Sites, this should definitely be sorted once the plugin's fully released, which shouldn't far off. I'll tag Aaron on this thread to be sure he's aware of this one.


  • Mustafa
    • Syntax Hero


    I started this topic for notice about problem.I guess, @Aaron will deal with this problem next releases.

    Also,I'll release language pack when translation complated over the % 75 :slight_smile:

    Translations is a big topic,I would like especially to thank Phil and you to for rep points.Points really motivating me.I released 17 translation pack totally :slight_smile: If you want to show thanks,please give me more rep point :p (a little effrontery)

    I'm working on themes translations :wink:

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Mustafa, I can't find anything in the plugin that would cause an issue with this. Are you sure you've updated your po files and that you are not looking at strings that are to be changed in settings? Those would only be translated if the po was in place at first install.

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