Pro Sites - let user choose payment gateway

I just wanted to suggest a feature for Pro Sites to give the site admin an option to allow multiple payment gateways to be used simultaneously (rather than a radio button for only one), to allow users to select the payment gateway they want to use at checkout.

For instance, let's say I'd like to use both Stripe and PayPal. This would be beneficial because people who use PayPal may prefer to pay with PayPal, and may feel more comfortable doing so (because of the trust they already have for PayPal). But users who don't have a PayPal account, or don't want to use it, may prefer to pay with a credit card.

If I could let the user choose at checkout, they're happy because they can use whatever they're more comfortable with, and I'm happy because I get paid either way (and maybe more because some users will abandon the order if they don't like the payment choice).