Pro Sites Levels

This might be a stupid question, but the docs really aren't clear on this:

Prosites levels seem to be setup inclusive of the levels below it, but the number order isn't specified.

If I have three levels - 1-3 is number 1 inclusive of #2 and #3, or is #3 inclusive of #1 and #2.

In my setup I have 3 levels in order of how much they offer
- events
- premium

I'd like to make fundraiser basic plugins and themes, and upload space.

then events has everything fundraiser has plus more.

finally premium has everything.

Should I label these as follows in pro sites levels:

1 - fundraiser
2- events
3- premium

or should they be setup with the following levels:

1 - premium
2 - events
3 fundraising

thanks for the help.

  • Kimberly

    Hi there!

    Great question!

    ProSites operates on the "minimum level" for each feature. Meaning that you have to be at least level x to get this feature.

    Operating from that logic then you would want to set it up that level one has the first feature set (plugins, space, etc).

    Then you would have to be at least level 2 to get that and more.

    Then level three would require you to be at least level three to get everything two has and more.

    Does this make sense?

    The numbers help you keep track of the progression of levels, and that indeed seems to be what you are doing, providing a progression. So going with what you are describing I think starting at one and progressing up would be the way to go. :slight_smile:



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  • aecnu

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