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Totally new to pro sites and was trying to set it up. I have a few questions and hope you can help me out.

1) I have set up the levels and wish to set quota on post/page per level, but cannot find a way to do this. Seems I can only limit one level and below and only to one setting. (My thinking is level 1 = 10 posts, level 2 = 20 posts, level 3 = 30 posts and so on.)

2) Is there a way for me to set the disk quota? What I mean is to modify the default 50mb jumps but say I want to give one level 560mb and another level 610mb and so on. Speaking of this, can I schedule disk quota increase on a periodic basis? For example, a user has been with my site for 6 month, the system adds another 100mb to that account? (Oh, the quota says upload quota, does that mean the user's disk limit or just how much the user can upload?)

3) I can't seem to set email support to different levels. Surely a $1 level cannot get the same support as a $50 level, right? I thought since I can have unlimited levels, I can also set what kind of support each level can get.

4) Same with premium themes and plugins. I cannot set what level can get which theme. Seems levels get either NO premium plugins or ALL premium plugins. Not what I planned when setting up levels. (These settings suggest to me that I should only have two levels, with one other free level only.)

5) For the free trial, I was hoping that I can let users trial one level up for 14 days for a nominal fee, but I do not know how to set that up. On the subject of trial, I was hoping to set up one trial level (At a small fee for maybe 7 days) that is almost at the highest level so that users can see the benefits of the many plugins and themes they will get if they buy the highest level plan. I also do not know how to set that up.

6) I am confused by the ad disabling function. When I set ad-free, does that mean they get no ads at all on their sites, or they cannot set their ads (set at network level), or they can place their own ads? I planned to place network ads on most of the lower levels sites and only allow the higher levels to progressively place their own ads. The highest level can have no network ads and only their own ads. I am also hoping that by using adshare, the lower level users will get a lower share compared to the higher levels. (Not sure if that is setting since I haven't install that plugin yet)

I'm still trying to set things up so if you can help me early, I won't need to set things up incorrectly and having to redo everything. I understand there might be other plugins that I can use in combination to make things work the way I want. Please let me know so that I can go download those to try to set things up properly.

Thanks for you help in advance.


  • Bojan Radonic

    Hey there @Aramis, hope you're well today!

    1) Post/Page Quotas does not allow you to set the quota for each Level. It only allows you to set the quota for the minimum level which means level above the level where quota is set will remove the quota.

    2) You can set disk quota by enabling "Upload Quota" in Pro Sites >> Modules/Gateways. After that go to Pro Sites >> Settings and set the quota for each level. Unfortunately you can't set periodic increase in the current version of Pro Sites, adding such feature would require making modifications to the code.

    3) You can do that by enabling "Premium Support" in Pro Sites >> Modules/Gateways. After that simply select the level Pro Sites >> Settings >> Premium Support.

    4) You can do that by enabling "Premium Themes" and "Premium Plugins" in Pro Sites >> Modules/Gateways. When enabled got to Pro Sites >> Premium Themes or Premium Plugins and select minimum level for each of the plugins/themes.

    5) You can only set one trial level for a certain period of time after that the user will be prompted to upgrade. Setting up trial levels is not something that is possible out of a box with current version of Pro Sites, adding such feature would require making modifications on the plugin.

    6) In the ads section you set ads that can be displayed before/after page or post content. Ad free levels will not display those ads.

    Hope this helps :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

  • Aramis

    Hi Bojan,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Ok, I guess I can work around 1) and 5).

    On the trial level, anything to stop me from setting it somewhere in the middle tier? Say I have 10 levels, and I put the trial at level 5 or something, so that it has 'premium' features for users to try out before upgrading.

    Will need to go upload more themes and plugins to try out 2) and 4). From what I did earlier, there was only one selection each for premium themes and plugins, not sure how to set levels for each theme/plugin. Will go try it out again and report back.

    I'm still not sure about the ad free. So if I set level 6 and above to be ad free, does that mean level 6 and above can put their own ads? I'm assuming that ads in this case means network wide ads. Any way of allowing 50/50? Meaning half network ads and half users' own ads?

    As an aside, just so you know, your website is crashing iPad browsers. I couldn't even log in because the browsers crashed before the page is fully loaded. (In Safari, Mercury, Opera Mini and Night Owl, all crashed.)

    Thanks again Bojan, will come back to report once I play around with the settings some more.


  • Aramis


    I have a few more questions as well as the above unanswered ones...

    For one of the above...the different levels' quota is set at 50mb apart. I was wondering if I can change that to my own settings. (Like 20mb or 30 mb jumps per level instead of 50mb). Following what Bojan suggests, I can only see the same 50mb jumps. Any help on this?

    New questions...
    A) If I have users created before installing Pro Sites, what are their status? How can I put them into the program?

    B) If I wish to 'upgrade' someone, how can I do it without making the user pay for the new level?

    C) Similarly, after installing Pro Sites, how can I create another site for myself, and also must my site be part of the structure?

    Thanks in adavance...


  • Ivan

    Hey there Aramis,

    Sorry for the delay here.

    Just a quick update. I found the premium plugin and theme sections but there is nothing inside.

    You first need to enable the modules from Pros Sites -> Modules/Getaways
    In order premium themes to work, they need to be disabled.
    After that go to Network Admin -> Premium themes

    You should see list with the disabled themes, and a dropdown with the levels you want them to be accessible on.

    A) If I have users created before installing Pro Sites, what are their status? How can I put them into the program?

    You can manually edit sites in:
    Network Admin -> Pro Sites -> Manage sites -> Search Sites

    Thanks click "Manage" on the site you want to change details for and you will see the options.
    This is pretty much answering and the second question from this post.

    C) Similarly, after installing Pro Sites, how can I create another site for myself, and also must my site be part of the structure?

    You can create it like any other site from the Network admin -> Sites -> Add new, and then manually edit it the way described above if you wish to do so.

    Let us know if you have any more questions.


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