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I'm interested to know if users have the possibility to edit their template on a wordpress multi site installation and if we have a control on that as multi site owner.
It looks like they can't but based on our offer we need to enable them to edit their template in order to enable them making some personal customization. Also I need to understand, when we update the premium templates we're going to offer them, they risk to loose all their custom settings, right? So, how multi site works in this case? Is there a way to create automatic child templates for each user so they won't be affected by a major template update?
I'm really confused about the business solution and concept. If they need a custom solution (most of the cases yes) what would be the best management settings?
Thanks in advance for your support!

  • Patrick

    Hey @HitchB

    Correct, sub-site admins cannot modify templates. They are limited to whatever customization settings may be available in the theme options.

    However, you can install and network-activate the awesome Jetpack plugin. It must be configured for use by each sub-site admin. But there's a Custom CSS module that can be enabled by each so they add their own theme styles.

    Another option is to simply create your own child-themes of the ones you want to make available to different Pro Site levels.

    Either way, when you update themes in your network, the settings are not deleted. They will still be there, unless the theme has undergone major changes, in which case, there's really not a darn thing you can do about that except advise your sub-site admins to double-check their settings.

    Hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

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