[Pro Sites] Manual sales tax/VAT table

I would like to have a second option for sales taxes, a manually created tax table, like the ones in WooCommerce and PayPal Standard

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello drew_mathers

    I hope you're well today!

    The Pro Sites plugin currently doesn't provide an option to create tax tables manually. There's only a Taxamo Integration. Adding such feature would require quite a bit of additional custom development and changes in plugin code.

    I see that you already posted it in our Features and Feedback forum so let's keep it open here so other Members of our Community could also vote for it. I can see the point of such feature and I hope the idea gets more support so our developers will consider putting it on a future features list then.

    As a "super quick", though a bit "crude" workaround, you could actually use Feature Table to just display tax amount: the level price would be set including the tax (so that would be the payment that the client would be charged for) and then on "Pro Sites -> Pricing Tables -> Feature Table" you could add a "custom feature" like for example:

    "Tax included: $2"

    I realize that it's not a perfect solution and might actually not be allowed everywhere depending on a local tax law but I thought I'll suggest it as it's the simplest workaround that could be applied right out of the box :wink:

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi drew_mathers

    I understand. In this case it wouldn't be a workaround indeed and it would require quite a bit of new code and changes in existing one. Since it's already marked as a feature request, I hope other Members will find that useful too and support the idea then.

    If you need that urgently, you might want to consider getting it custom developed for you. You can post a job request for example at Codeable.io - check our Partners page for a nice discount in case you wanted to give it a go:


    Kind regards,

  • Axel

    I'm not familiar with the VAT tables in Woo, or PayPal, but think we do need a (much) better alternative to Taxamo. I informed about their pricing and this is what I got:

    Pricing for Taxamo is based on three main factors, these indicative prices are outlined below:

    1) Integration requirements
    2) Number of countries enabled for our service
    3) Transaction fee

    Integration: Dependent on requirements and priced on a project basis
    Country fee: $500 per month/per country (EU is counted as one country)
    Transaction fee: $0.30c per transaction

    No way I could afford this, and no way I would if I could.
    Is everyone who uses their service paying that much here?

    Perhaps it could be something based on VAT Calculator (GitHub | WP Plugin)?

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