[Pro Sites] Manually activating a Pro Site with activation key sends wrong password

We’re having a big problem with cart abandonment in Pro Sites. A user makes it to the Credit Card screen, decides not to input the credit card, and calls us directly to express discontent about having to add a credit card to a free trial and asks us to manually activate the trial. Which, of course we want to oblige.

So, we go through the very complicated process of digging into the database and finding the activation key for their sign up, and then we to go Pro Sites > Manage and use the Activate with key form field.

This activates the site and sends a user their welcome email along with their login and password. The problem is, Pro Sites sends them the wrong Login password credentials.

I can reproduce this on all sites using Pro Sites in our family of sites. I have created a video that demonstrates what’s happening, step by step.